Gifts So Awesome You Won't Need A Gift Receipt

Thanks to Guff Mag for featuring Zenzee in their online gift guide!

Foxy Me Knit Kicks

Now that you've got your yoga pants situation all settled, it's time to get your shoe fix on. So you wear yoga pants constantly because of how comfy they are. Don't your feet deserve the same treatment? Zenzee's knit kicks are the shoes you've been looking for, and you're welcome, we found them for you. And, obviously, for the people on your Christmas list, but you're going to want to snag a pair as well.

These shoes are so cute, people are going to stop you on the street and ask you where you got them. And that's right, you'll be out and about, taking the town to show them off. Since you'll be walking in them so much, it's also handy that they have a shock-absorbing and foam cushioned footbed. So it's basically like you're literally walking on clouds.

Kick It

Work from home and want a comfy shoe you can wear inside and out? Do a lot of standing around at work? Constantly on the go? These shoes work for all situations, and are also just an all around good choice if you have eyes and a sense of style. We can imagine you slipping them on for comfort during finals week, and then bursting out of the library in freedom, ready to hit up your best friend Netflix and enjoy a cozy night in. Basically, what we're trying to get at: you're going to want to wear them everywhere.

Knit Happens

While we know you're going to want to get your hands - er, feet? - on the fox print, you've also got options. Like these houndstooth patterned shoes that know that #knithappens and you might just want to get more than one pair. What else is nifty about these kicks, besides everything? They've got an anti-bacterial lining, so yes, you're going to be a lean clean mean walking machine. Your feet get you where you need to go each day, so say thank you, feet, and gift them with these comfortable, stylish shoes.