zenzee :: knit kicks & graphic apparel

For tomboys, fashionistas, rebels and lovers. Stand tall on our platform soles and make a statement with bold graphic apparel.

Whether your soul is bound to the mountains, the ocean, or the city streets, wearing Zenzee tells the world you’re feeling good from head-to-toe. Zenzee products are thoughtfully designed, carefully sourced, and proudly produced in small batches season after season.

Our shoes are more than just a slipper. We added components like a rockered sole for less fatigue, a specially cushioned platform midsole for ultimate comfort and unique graphic knit uppers. We use natural fibers so they stretch and form to your feet after a few wears.

Our vintage-inspired graphic tees are influenced by our love of typography. Zenzee tees are crazy soft and feel like the favorite tee shirt you’ve owned for years.

Zenzee: creating well-crafted, affordable pieces that people love wearing.  💖

Our products are made at WRAP Certified Factories.
Designed & printed in Park City, UT.

sharon backurz

Sharon grew up in Steamboat Springs
and started her career as a graphic designer in the big cities of New York , San Francisco and Seattle. Sharon has a long history working with consumer brands, retailers, technology companies, startups of every stripe and hue, nonprofits, and community-based organizations―helping each client realize their goals and potential.

Missing the mountains and small town lifestyle, she and her family moved to Park City where she launched her lifestyle brand Zenzee.

Design fuels Sharon’s life, and she enjoys making things that inspire a smile and add comfort to life’s crazy journey.