Zenzee featured in Park City Magazine

Created by local Sharon Backurz, Zenzee offers a line of adorable slippers you can wear at home or around town. Not just mere slippers though, these knitted kicks are made from natural fibers so they stretch and form to your feet as you wear them and the rockered sole provides plenty of cushion and comfort. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, including a new option to personalize them with a university logo. You may also consider picking up a vintage-inspired graphic tee from Zenzee as well. The vintage-inspired styles use a clever mix of typography and pictures (like “love” muffin and “crab” apple).

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Zenzee Sponsors Waterkeeper Alliance at Deer Valley Celebrity Skifest

Walking the Talk!
Raising Awareness & Support For Clean Water

Zenzee is proud to sponsor this event for the 2nd time! What fun and for such a good cause.
We are passionate about clean water in our streams, lakes and oceans!

Be a #waterkeeper!  Get involved. Read more about Waterkeeper Alliance & check out the fun photos from the weekend. DV Skifest

Excited to make Oxygen magazine's '20 Gifts That Give Back' list!

Rather than fighting the hordes at the mall, flex your plastic here in cyberspace with these unique gifts that give back.     

It’s that time of year to roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty with your credit card. But rather than fighting the hordes at the mall, flex your plastic here in cyberspace with these unique gifts that give back. The purchase of each of these items helps benefit a specific charity or endeavor, bettering the world in the true spirit of holiday giving. See the whole article here >>


'10K Daily Steps' Blog Review

Zenzee shoes are a fun recovery shoe that can be worn anywhere.  Made with natural fibers that form to your feet, makes this a cozy shoe, especially when the air turns crisp! The sole of the shoe has a subtle curve (rockered sole) to support footstrike.

The midsole is cushioned for maximum comfort.  The cushioning is also just high enough to make me tower over my husband  by an inch.  It’s definitely a comfortable shoe to wear around the house; but you can wear these anywhere! 

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featured by lifestyle blogger 'Dressing Dallas'

February 23, 2016 by Lauren

Wear: Funky Comfort with Zenzee

I’m all about finding the most comfortable items to wear, because as a Mom, comfort is key when you’re chasing around your kids! When I’m out running errands, I’m always wearing my comfiest shoes so I can make it throughout the day without any pain! I was extremely excited to find Zenzee because not only are these shoes used for stylish slippers (and they ROCK just wearing them around the house!), but they also have thick soles so you can wear them while running around town! They are the BEST!  READ MORE of Lauren's post here >>

spirituality & health magazine

Honored to be mentioned in Spirituality & Health Magazine.
Thanks! Maui Mind and Body

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10 Cool Products from the Running Event!

Last week, manufacturers and running store owners from around the country met in Austin, Texas, for The Running Event, a weeklong extravaganza designed to pair manufacturers’ products with your running store’s shelves. Jen A. Miller prowled the conference floor for Zelle, searching out what is neat and cool for 2016. Here are 10 items that caught her eye. Some are cute. Some are comfy. And some will tickle your tastebuds.

Foxy Fit / Tasty Addition


Look at these. I mean, look at these. How could you not? Of course, I don't think you should run in them. But slip into after a cold run? They're perfect for the postwinter workout shuffle around the house to eat and make coffee. The tops are knit, and the cushioned mid-sole is designed for comfort. Zhenzee just started shipping in December, so you can still be the first of your friends to grab your pair of foxes. Other options include skull and crossbones and colors to suit your fancy. Soon the company will be launching a collaboration with OCEARCH.org, which promotes sustainability and health of the world's oceans. You can vote on the design, which will be named after white shark Mary Lee.

ocearch & zhenzee crowdsource a collab

Zhenzee and OCEARCH have joined forces to create a limited edition signature shoe called the Mary Lee, after the charismatic 3500-lb, 16-foot female great white shark. Mary Lee has travelled over 25,000 miles since tagged in 2012 connecting an entire community of shark enthusiasts on the East Coast and globally.

Profits raised from the sale of the OCEARCH Mary Lee Zhenzee will fund vital necessities such as pings, and expedition tags. Each time a shark pings, or surfaces it costs $8 for the satellite company to provide its location. Each satellite tag for tracking is about $2000.

The 1st 100 people to preorder will receive: